Factory Price Silicon Dioxide Pure Silicon Dioxide Powder

Factory Price Silicon Dioxide   Pure Silicon Dioxide Powder

Item identify
White carbon black SiO2

Item description

A single, owing to a collection of rewards of white carbon black items, it can be extensively utilized in several fields.

Rubber products
White carbon black is utilized in coloration rubber goods to replace carbon black, to meet the demands of white or semi-clear goods.
Of white carbon black and it has strong adhesion power, tear resistance and warmth-resistant anti-aging functionality, so can exchange component of the carbon black in the black rubber goods, in orEPTto get high good quality rubber products, this kind of as off-road tires, otr tires, radial tire, and many others.

Agricultural chemical substances
In the agricultural chemical substances, this kind of as pesticide and efficient spraying ferEPTzer, employing silica as provider or diluent, can keep lasting impact, because it has large adsorption ability, effortless suspension, very good affinity and chemical stability.
It can stay unchanged for a EPT time even unEPTrain, wash and heat.

Every day chemical items making use of silica as filler and abrasive paste transparent shade and opacity of toothpaste, this kind of toothpaste has good fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.bility, dispersion, paste is easy, gentle, very good abrasion resistance, abrasion toothpaste tube physique
It keeps the toothpaste stable.
In certain, it has very good compatibility with nitrogen, and it can avoid the drawbacks of calcium salt.

Cementing agent is utilized in the adhesive of all-natural rubber or synthetic rubber, which gives the thixotropy and reinforcing residence. In the meantime, due to its extensibility, it can enhance adhesion and substantial high quality and reduced cost.

Anti caking agent
White carbon black can be utilized in a amount of merchandise to enhance the totally free liquidity, this kind of as garden ferEPTzer, fungicides, grinding wheel abrasive, laundry bleach, phenolic molding methenamine, phenol and urea sulfur producing plastic merchandise, rubber and anti caking combination.

Paper EPT
Utilizing white carbon black as paper filler can enhance the paper anti-ink by way of performance and mechanical energy, boost whiteness, decrease unit fat.
It can successfully recognize the paper bodyweight, decrease generation price and improve the efficiency of paper.

In addition, it can be employed in several EPT, these kinds of as fireplace extinguishing agent, feed, cosmetics, anti-gloss agent, pigment, paint and so on.

Next, white carbon black is white powEPTX-ray amorphous silicate and the floorboard of the silicate products, mainly refers to precipitated silica, silica, ultrafine silica gel and gel, also incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. aluminum silicate and calcium silicate powEPTsynthesis and so on.

one. White carbon black is utilised in coloration rubber goods to change carbon black, which can meet the wants of white or semi-clear items.

two. In agricultural substances, these kinds of as pesticides, substantial performance spraying ferEPTzer, and so forth., use white carbon black as the carrier or diluent, which can sustain long lasting influence.

3. Transparent shade and opaque toothpaste with white carbon black as fillers and abrasives, with very good fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.bility and dispersibility, the paste is comfortable, abrasion is very good, and the toothpaste tube entire body is not worn.
It retains the toothpaste steady.

four. Thixotropic and reinforcing properties are supplied in the adhesive produced of all-natural rubber or synthetic rubber.

5. Employing white carbon black as paper filler can improve the paper’s anti-ink overall performance and mechanical energy, enhance the whiteness, and minimize the device fat.

white powder

1.Utilised as ultraviolet absorbent for plastic film.
two.Utilised as chemical reagent, also utilised in organic and natural synthesis.
three.Mainly utilized in the manufacturing of new bleaching agent, disinfectant, h2o remedy agent and resin, paint and metallic cyanide corrosion inhibitor, etc.

Store in cool, dry and ventilated spot, keep away from fireplace and oXiHu (West Lake) Dis.dant. In accordance to the provisions of EPT chemicals storage and transportation.

Factory Price Silicon Dioxide   Pure Silicon Dioxide Powder

Factory Price Silicon Dioxide   Pure Silicon Dioxide Powder