Mtbjzj No Odor Clear Metallic Epoxy Resin Ab Glue Floor Coating

Mtbjzj No Odor Clear Metallic Epoxy Resin Ab Glue Floor Coating

Metallic Pigment Epoxy Resin Floor Coating

What Specific of Our Metallic Pigment?

MTBJZ Metallic Colour Pigments are EPT result pigments composed of mica nano-particles coated with various natural and organic and inorganic pigments to create pearlescent and iridescent consequences that mimic the natural seem of stone and rock formations. These exclusive pigments are created to be field blended with our a hundred% solids clear Epoxy Middle Coat. When the metallic particles are combined with epoxy they give the coating a glow that displays ligEPT and creates eye-catching remarkable outcomes.

Approach of operation

EPT Process of Metallic coloration epoxy floor

If your flooring are tough concrete, Right after Shot-blasting,Grinding,Patching ground. You need know this:

MTB-3327 Epoxy Primer

A two-part a hundred% solids penetrating epoxy primer is layer of epoxy used. This obvious epoxy primer saturates and penetrates deep into the open pores of the concrete generating a EPTfull mechanical and chemical bond that is certain not to break.

MTB-3328 Epoxy Center Coating

The pursuing day, a next layer of coloured epoxy is applied. Our Metallic Program makes it possible for you to effortlessly add reflective metallic color to our MTB-3328 Clear Epoxy to generate beautiful, substantial gloss metallic epoxy flooring. Metallics are offered in twenty excellent hues to in shape any circumstance. Hues can also be blended to create limitless combos. For the best possible coloration effects, a black base coat is suggested prior to applying your choice of metallic color. If wanted, just incorporate much less pigment to obtain a a lot more translucent color.

MTB-3329 Chemical Resistant Clear Top-Coat

Best Coating safeguard the epoxy color middle coat and give higher gloss like mirror for the concluded epoxy resin ground coating Go over the final layer, after eight hrs the ground will turn out to be a difficult-wearing sturdy area. Scraped and brushed clean the floor, You will get the shiny large-gloss area that considerably boost the brightness of your interior places

Coverage Information

Merchandise Epoxy Resin(A) Hardener/B Thickness
MTB-3327 .1KGS/sq meter .05KGS/sqm @1mm
MTB-3328 .5KGS/sqm .25KGS/sqm @2mm
MTB-3329 .1KGS/sqm .05KGS/sqm @1mm
Colour Flakes .25kgs~.3kgs/sqm

Metallic Pigment Epoxy Resin Ground Coating

#8226Ease of application, tough and reparability.

#8226Aesthetic enhancements

#8226Hard and abrasion resistant.

#8226VOC Free of charge,a hundred% Reliable, No Ordor

#8226High gloss complete like mirror.

#8226Chemical resistant and stain.

#8226Special hues can match design or desired hues

Parking XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ages NigEPT Clubs Zoo Workplaces

Medical center Laboratories Gymnasium Retail Stores

Warehouse Bowling Alleys Church buildings Dining establishments

Residential XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.age Highway EPTverns Faculties

Basements Laundromats Lunch Rooms Laundry Place

Recreation Rooms Locker Rooms Pet Stores Banquet Halls

Health Rooms Cafeterias Firehouses Present Rooms

Grocery Shops Bogs Greenhouses

Metallic Pigment Epoxy Resin Floor Coating

In frequent,we will combine MTB-3328 epoxy middle coat with the metallic shade in powEPTand pure coloration in liquid,here we have received part colours for your reference.

1kg color pigments can blend with 50kgs of MTB-3328

Metallic Pigment Epoxy Resin Flooring Coating

For Epoxy Resin:

We have acquired the under offers for you,that is
Metallic pigment: 1kg/bag


Mtbjzj No Odor Clear Metallic Epoxy Resin Ab Glue Floor Coating

Mtbjzj No Odor Clear Metallic Epoxy Resin Ab Glue Floor Coating